Tuesday, June 25, 2013

12 Day Challenge- Part 3

Monday- I just had a banana and a tiny bit of all natural peanut butter for breakfast. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to have peanuts, but I still haven't found almond butter! If it makes up for it I would have rather had my banana plain! Plus, the plate that the peanut butter was on made a mess in the car, so I got my karma for trying to sneak around the Paleo rules ;) After Crossfit, I was invited to coffee with some of my wonderful box-mates and they treated me to a cappuccino which I didn't add sugar to since I figured the espresso and milk was cheating enough. I can't even describe how wonderful the people are that I have met at Crossfit Ansbach, so I will just say that I thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu coffee date, and it will have to happen again so I can pay them back for spotting me! For lunch, I polished off the last bit of pulled pork (can you believe there was still some left?!). For dinner, I made tuna burgers, which were supposed to be served with asparagus, but it had gone bad. I was so bummed out (Tuna Burger Recipe: Everything I have ever made from this blog has been golden!)! I squeezed in my necessary veggies by putting my tuna burger over lettuce with caramelized rosemary onions and chopped bell pepper, and I mixed some sour cream and pesto together for a sauce/dressing. (Note: sour cream is not part of a normal Paleo diet, but I allow small amounts of dairy into my version). I felt super snacky last night and there wasn't much food in the house, so I satisfied my hunger with an apple before bed.

Tuesday- You would not believe how thrown off my diet has been since I have been skipping my usual eggs for breakfast! I felt so much better this morning after my scrambled eggs and onions, plus, my digestion is more on track. I had a handful of cashews to tide me over before lunch, and then I heated up the leftover tuna burger and ate it with shallots, romaine lettuce, bell pepper, and goat cheese. Dinner tonight is some Paleo Chili! YUM! (Check out the recipe right here)Cody and I love chili so much and I am super excited to see how this new recipe turns out- the most important factor (after taste) is that it can cover multiple meals and hopefully last as long as that delish Pulled Pork!
UPDATE: The chili is to die for! I added a jalapeno, and in the last half hour of simmering, I threw in  chunks of sweet potato. The recipe yields at least 6 large servings, most likely more, and I can't wait to have it again tomorrow :)

Finally, an actual picture from my kitchen! This chili is the best!

Onto the important stuff: the price of the grocery today! This should be my last trip for the duration of the challenge, except for picking up meats from the butcher, as needed. I spent about $48 at the commissary on fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, and some miscellaneous ingredients for our next few meals. I also ran over to Kauflands and spent 6.35 Euros ($8.30) on two pounds of ground beef for Paleo Chili.  That means I spent a total of $56.30 today. If I add that to the $35.50 I spent on my first grocery trip of the challenge, I have spent a total of $91.80. I am excited that I am still under my $100 goal, but a little stressed that I am so close to maxing out! Plus, I still have to buy a whole chicken for our next bulk meal, and some more ground beef for our last meal of the week... Hopefully, I can figure something out to make this challenge a success!

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