Sunday, June 23, 2013

12 Day Challenge: Part 2

I thought I would go ahead and do a weekend update of how the grocery budget/meal plan has gone over the weekend; mainly because I'm afraid I'll forget by tomorrow. Pathetic, I know. But better safe than sorry, I suppose!

(not my actual dessert, but I just wanted
you to get an idea of why I couldn't resist!)
Saturday: Friday night, Cody ended up staying out late doing some extra work duties, so he didn't have his share of leftover pulled pork. Therefore, I got to have it as part of a delicious omelette on Saturday morning! I seriously love this pulled pork! Even after all the servings we had enjoyed, when Cody got home from the gym, he made a big plate of pulled pork nachos that looked delicious. Saturday is my cheat day from Paleo, but I wasn't craving anything too crazy (considering last weekend I munched on a chili cheese dog, french fries, sweets, rolls, pastries, etc. I would say this weekend was a vast improvement, haha) so when we went to Rothenburg for a date night, I didn't even stray from the diet very much. Speaking of our date night, Cody got tipped for his night of bar-tending (the extra work duties I spoke of above), so we were able to go out for dinner and dessert. I had a meal planned already, so skipping it just pushes the rest of my meal plan back a day, and will hopefully help me out to reach my $100 goal! My dinner was very Paleo friendly, but I couldn't resist some gelato, and *gasp* they put ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries and nutella on top of a small waffle at our local Eis Rialto shop, so I ended up indulging. What is crazy about it, is as soon as I cheated that small bit, I had no self-restraint to keep me from making a bowl of pasta when I got home and having a few bits of Cody's leftover pizza. At least the day started out strong! Anyway, everything we ate on Saturday was already in the house, or we paid for from Cody's tip money.
Rothenburg is such a great town!
We love that its only 20 minutes away from us :)
Sunday: We had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and I had some nuts as a snack before our study/grill-out with friends. Normally, I love to entertain and I would have happily made food for our company, but because I am really trying to stay to my strict budget, Cody just asked everybody to bring their own meat to throw on the grill. I made Cody and I some Bison Burgers, which I put into a lettuce wrap with caramelized onions, tomato, and mustard. (Here are the recipes I used as a guide) I also made some skillet sweet potatoes; one potato was surprisingly enough for everybody to enjoy. One of our friends was nice enough to bring over fruit salad, so we ended up with a pretty well-rounded (and Paleo) meal. Dinner was early, so we ended up each having a bratwurst (one of the meats brought over) to tide us over before bed.

We should be covered for all of our meals tomorrow- I think I'm going to make another Tuna&Egg salad so I know I have my lunch covered for the rest of the week! On Tuesday, I'm going to hit up the grocery again, and I will let you know how well I am able to stay within the budget. Only 7 more days to go in the challenge!!!

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