Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fresh Summer Salad With Shrimp

So this is my first attempt at posting a recipe!

I cook a lot during the week, but most of the time I am trying other peoples' recipes that I find on the internet or in books. I keep a Pinterest page full of recipes that I want to cook and one of recipes that I have already attempted, along with reviews. Last night, I was inspired by a recipe for a summery salad with fruit in it; but by the time I was finished grocery shopping and creating, my salad looked nothing like my original inspiration!

Fruit in green salads is not usually my favorite, but it was so hot out yesterday, that it just seemed right. Also, when I looked at the stove and felt the heat coming from our non-air-conditioned kitchen, I knew that I needed to stay out of there for the night. What a great excuse to use the grill!

I had picked up some shrimp for a different recipe, and realized that they would be the perfect accompaniment for a salad that needed to satisfy Cody's bottomless stomach while still being light and sweet. I seriously enjoyed all the flavors in this salad, and it made such a beautiful dinner that I couldn't help but take a picture. Cody originally thought he would need to eat more, but after he finished his salad, he said he was full! If this salad can fill up my husband, I guarantee that nobody will leave your dinner table hungry ;)

Let me know if you enjoy it!

Fresh Summer Salad with Shrimp
Serves 2

Salad Ingredients
20 uncooked shrimp, frozen or fresh
2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups iceberg lettuce (or any green you prefer)
10 strawberries, sliced
1 green apple, cored and chopped
1 peach, pitted and thinly sliced
1/2 cup walnuts, roughly chopped
1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1 tbsp capers, or olives
1/2 lemon, cut into 2 chunks

Shrimp Seasoning
**I used a premade seasoning from Key West, Florida, called Ocean Motion, which includes:
Dried Mustard, Ginger, Allspice, Garlic, and Coconut
3 tbsp Olive Oil
4 skewers
1/4 lemon

1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp dried rosemary
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
juice from 1/4 lemon

If using frozen shrimp, thaw under cold running water in a colander. Let rest in refrigerator until thirty minutes before dinner time.
Place shrimp in container and drizzle with 3 tbsp olive oil. Cover in dry rub of your choice (you can make these sweet, savory, or spicy- whatever flavors you like will compliment this salad!) and shake to coat evenly. Use as much dry rub as is necessary to coat all 20 shrimp. Let the shrimp marinate for 20 minutes at room temperature.
Meanwhile, pre-heat grill and assemble the rest of the salad ingredients onto two large plates or bowls.
Put 5 shrimp on each skewer. Before placing shrimp on grill, take a rag with olive oil on it and grease the grates of the grill using long handled tongs. Grill shrimp for about 4 minutes on each side above direct heat.
While shrimp is on grill, whisk together dressing ingredients. 
Before pulling shrimp off the grill, squeeze 1/4 lemon across the top of the shrimp.
Place finished shrimp on the side of assembled salad and serve with dressing on the side, and a lemon wedge for squeezing onto the shrimp.
Dig into this guilt-free pleasure!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Worst Diet in the World vs The Optimum Diet

At the end of last week I had about 3 different ideas bubbling around just waiting for me, but we were really busy with company in town and I never had a chance to write (and now I have even more to say)!

Photos courtesy of Jenette!
Speaking of company in town- my best friend Emily was here this weekend! She is my first friend from the States to see me out here in Bavaria and it was a blast to have her- along with, John, Shane, Jenette, and John. Yes, there were two Johns, I'm not just having a brain fart... although I have been a total space cadet for the past two days and wouldn't be surprised at myself for writing the same thing twice! Over the weekend, We hung out in Rothenburg where we did the Night Watchman's Tour (great the second time, too!) and even found a table for seven in Hell! What luck ;)  We spent Sunday in Bad Windsheim where we had some super yummy meals and everybody enjoyed relaxing a bit after all the traveling they have been doing! I already miss having the company here...

I have another side note about friends: We had the most lovely Crossfit ladies' dinner at Steffie's house last week! I told so many people about the delicious food (in detail) and everybody I know about how wonderful the company was. Did I mention that we had the most amazing meal?? Even with the food being out-of-this-world fresh and satisfying, the best part was being able to share dinner with such smart, inspiring, funny, and interesting women; and it helps me so much to listen to conversations in Deutsch!

Crossfit truly is a family, and with Cody and my family being so far away, I can't say how much I appreciate the love and support that is supplied to me on a daily basis from our wonderful community. Speaking of support- soooo many people checked out my blog after my last post, and it totally blew me away! I owe a huge thank you to everybody that took the time to read and share my post; never in a million years did I think that 500+ people would read something I wrote. It is super exciting!

But, enough with the side stuff, and lets get onto the semi-related bulk of the post:

I just finished reading another book on Nutrition; this one is titled Eating Well For Optimum Health and it is by Andrew Weil, M.D.

What a happy lookin' guy!

There is a ton of information in this one, and he gets very in-depth about the effects of the macro- and micronutrients in/on our bodies. I learned a lot, but this book is a little bit dense, and it took me a while to work through. I love the recipes at the end (mmm super healthy and creative) and I truly understand his take on the absolute best diet for our bodies. Plus, I love that he is a bit unconventional...

Dr. Weil starts with explaining what he believes are the seven basic principles of diet and health:

1. We have to eat to live
2. Eating is a major source of pleasure
3. Food that is healthy and food that gives pleasure are not mutually exclusive
4. Eating is an important focus of social interaction
5. How we eat reflects and defines our personal and cultural identity
6. How we eat is one determinant of health
7. Changing how we eat is one strategy for managing disease and restoring health

The principle that surprised me the most is the fourth: Eating is an important focus of social interaction. We all agree that this is an obvious truth; most social functions do revolve around food. The interesting part is that, according to Dr. Weil, to remove the social pleasure from food, is to also remove the health benefits:
"The social importance of food and eating, like their association with pleasure, must be honored by anyone advocating eating well. Too often people who follow rigid diets in the name of health isolate themselves from the social interaction that is itself an important factor in optimum health." Dr. Weil quotes Ronald Koetzsch at the end of this section in stating, "(when) food is blessed by being shared, by being eaten in fellowship amidst conversation and laughter... all food is 'health' food."
I couldn't help but think about these sections of the book while eating the lovely dinner at Steffie's home (although all of it was nutritious in the general sense of health already) and while sharing meals with my friends this weekend (not so healthy indulgences). Indulging in a piece of chocolate cake while sitting alone and feeling guilty is unhealthy in several ways. But I think that sharing a chocolate cake among friends at the end of a long and happy meal is healthier than abstaining from the cake and being stressed and unhappy from being isolated socially from those around you. It kind of makes you think...

Food is fuel, but let's face it, some food is eaten purely because it is delicious. And I love that Dr. Weil says its okay.

Dr. Weil later touches on the importance of surrounding yourself with those who eat healthily, so he is not saying that we should all sit down and eat a BigMac and Large Fry every night because our friends/family do; but we should allow ourselves the pleasure of occasional indulgences instead of isolating ourselves in the name of health. 

The thesis of the book is that there is an optimum diet, and it is part of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Here is a nice visual of Dr.Weil's description of the "optimum diet;"

Take note that there is a very tiny portion of beef, pork, chicken, etc. included. Dr. Weil is a pecto-vegetarian. The focus on meat is his biggest complaint about Paleo, along with the lack of whole grain, which he believes can be healthful in specific forms. I believe part of his aversion to meat is because grain-fed meats have so many negative effects on our bodies, and back in 2000 when the book was written, it was much harder to find grass-fed.

Before revealing the "optimum diet," Dr. Weil has written a chapter titled "The Worst Diet in The World." This comes after he has scientifically explained the help and harm caused by certain foods. The following excerpt is from that chapter:

"Let's put our heads together to see if we can design the Worst Diet in the World, one that would be most likely to undermine health and shorten life.
To begin, let's stuff it with calories, more than most people will be able to burn off, so that it will promote obesity. In particular, we should overload it with carbohydrate calories from high-glycemic index foods. That means lots of refined flour in fluffy breads and pastries, lots of potatoes, sweets, and sweet drinks-- fruit juices and sodas-- especially those made with high-fructose corn syrup to take advantage of any disruptive effects of that product on metabolism.
For fat we will need a glut of saturated fat in the form of cheese, butter, cream, and other whole-milk products, along with a lot of beef and unskinned chicken... We should also include plenty of hydrogenated fat in the form of margarine, vegetable shortening, and snack foods made with partially hydrogenated oils... We should also throw in some well-used cooking fat, consisting of cheaper vegetable oils, to get even more trans-fatty acids and their damaging effects on membranes, hormones, and cardiovascular function.
As for protein, we should probably go for as much as we can eat and make it mostly commercially raised meat and poultry rather than fish or vegetable protein. That will maximize intake of drugs and hormones used to raise animals for meat as well as environmental toxins concentrated in their fat and other tissues...
The Worst Diet in the World should also be distinguished by what it does not provide. We will want very inadequate amounts of the micronutrients... the best way to make sure of that is to restrict fruits and vegetables. Of course we will allow unrestricted amounts of floury potatoes and refined grains... We can let them have canned fruit in heavy syrup... but they ought to keep their vegetable consumption down to some iceberg lettuce smothered in dressing made from unhealthful fat and maybe corn on the cob with lots of butter. Perhaps pickles, high in sodium, and ketchup, high in sugar and sodium, will could as vegetables in our diet..."

Hmmm... why does this sound so disgusting... yet so eerily familiar?

Maybe because this "diet," the "Worst Diet in the World," is offered in almost every fast-food joint in every town across the States, and now, across the world. After my restaurant experience, I believe it is not only offered by fast-food chains, but also in the sit-down restaurants in America. I used to get so aggravated seeing menus with the same items in every chain we went to- it was all deep-fried, over-processed, over-portioned, crap.  I remember not even being able to find a healthy salad in most places!

These restaurant menus have seeped into our culture as a whole, so now, even recipes for home-cooked meals can have upwards of 1,500 calories per serving. Home-made does not mean healthy anymore.

What may be the most shocking part of all is that American citizens, who eat this way day in and day out, are surprised that we are having more and more health issues than ever...

Because you all get the point, and because the issue is way larger than I can even begin to tackle I think I'll just stop here and let it sink in...

If this makes anybody want some of Dr. Weil's recipes, or any recipes that I have found to be tasty and healthy, please let me know!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey guys! Let's Talk More About Crossfit!!!

I can almost hear all of you groan in annoyance ... No more Crossfit... please... I beg of you!

First of all, stop feeling sorry for yourself and imagine how my husband feels... I talk about this more than I write about it.

Secondly, you shouldn't be too surprised, considering my first post about Crossfit included the quote, "I have recently realized that I am the annoying paleo-dieting-Crossfitter that everybody hates." Just sayin', there was some foreshadowing. 

Can I share something actually infuriating with you? 
What you will see below is what I am bombarded with when I click on the Health & Fitness section of Pinterest. This is a pretty accurate sample of what every female is exposed to when looking for a way to get fit
Actually, lets take gender out of this post completely: people (men and women) tend to think about working out in terms of what specific body part they want to look better, and how they can make that body part look better while putting forth minimal effort in the least amount of time. And so, we end up with this as our definition of Health & Fitness:

"Loose the pooch"       "The Towel Workout"     "10 Minutes to Tighten and Tone Your Backside"    "5 Minute Booty"       "8 Moves to Perk Your Boobs"      "3 Workouts for Arm Jiggle"    "Pool Workout"      "Get Sleek Sexy Arms"      "Victoria Secret Model Workout"        "10 Hip-Slimming Moves"     "Waist Trimmer"      "How to get 'That Ass'"     "50 Best Exercises for Muffin Top"      "10 Ways to Tone Your Inner Thighs"

Let's not forget the always-present, unrelated to said workout, accompanying picture: 

I'm gonna go ahead and say what we already know, but try to lie to ourselves about. Miss Sexy Sally up there did not get to looking that way from doing "The Towel Workout."

I want to preface the remainder of my post so people don't start bitching about how Crossfitters are elitist, yada yada, bla bla: There are a ton of ways to work out, and different types of working out benefit different people. There is no right or wrong way to workout. I take that back. There most definitely are wrong ways, and we have all watched it happen. But, here is the bottom line: If you are taking steps to a healthier you, be it through walking in your neighborhood, doing pushups and sit-ups before a shower, or partaking in Zumba classes, you deserve a round of applause because your health and fitness is one of the (if not THE) most important aspects of life.

Let me explain one of the top reasons that Crossfit is awesome. All you have to do is come regularly to classes, listen to your coaches, and try as hard as you can. When you take those simple steps, you will get stronger, faster, and more fit. When you start to see results, it will feel like magic.  You don't have to plan anything, you don't have to pick apart your body and decide what area needs the most work. Your responsibility is this: show up, shut up, and "harden the fuck up" < Hey Rob, you have my permission to use that for our next t-shirts if you want, haha :) > 
I used to go to the gym with Cody to lift weights, and I would get annoyed if he was working out a muscle group that I didn't want to work on (I hated shoulder days).  When I wouldn't work up a sweat, or if I didn't work the featured muscle to failure, I left knowing that I wasn't doing enough.  Somedays I just got sick of the same old machines and I would go ride a stationary bike while Cody worked out. I was literally spending hours at the gym, which was definitely better than not going at all, but I know for sure now that I wasn't getting the most out of my time.
I repeat; when you become a member of a Crossfit box, there is no planning if you want to work out your biceps or your abs. There is no staring at yourself in the mirror while you flex the same, isolated muscle over and over again. There are no endless minutes on the elliptical watching the Ellen Degeneres Show and wishing you were somewhere else.
I don't ever go to the box and think, "Gee, I hope we work out our triceps today so I can get rid of my arm jiggle." But just because I don't choose a body part to focus on every day, doesn't mean that I don't see results. Want to know how I know that I am getting fitter, stronger, and maybe even sexier? When I can run a little bit longer without stopping.  When I can lift just a little bit more than the week before. When a movement clicks that I was struggling with.  Then, all of those improvements lead to the superficial ones; like when I try on my pants and they are a little loose in the waist and kind of tight on my butt. Like when I put on t-shirts and they are uncomfortably snug across my shoulders.
How could this be?? I didn't do the "10 Days to Buns of Steel and Sexy Shoulders in Only 5-minutes with No Equipment but my Remote and Couch Workout!"

What I do instead is this: I hang out with amazing people, laugh a lot, cuss sometimes, throw around heavy shit, get motivated, and sweat a gross amount for an hour a day.  It definitely feels like hard work, but it never feels like a waste of time.

In all that time you spend looking for workouts to target a specific body part, or body type, and then for that time you spend reading those workouts and attempting to figure out what the hell they are talking about, you could look up a Crossfit gym near you and set up your first workout. Unlike the girls who attempt the "Towel Workout," you may actually start looking like Miss Sexy Sally (but you won't care, because for the first time, you will feel results that matter more).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What the heck is Croatia??

I will be the first to tell you that I am geographically challenged. I am even challenged when it comes to the location of all the states in the United States... which is super embarrassing. I have no idea why I have always had such a hard time keeping places where they are meant to be, but my cluelessness has come to a new level since moving here!

Now that we live over here in Europe, I am discovering places that I didn't even know existed. Can I be honest with you? The first time I even heard of Croatia was after I moved here, and I definitely couldn't have told you where it is located. I knew that it must have a coast and be warm because I asked somebody where they went in the winter to get some nice weather, and they told me the beaches in Croatia. That is literally the first I had heard of it!
It is crazy to think that I have now been to somewhere I didn't know existed a few months ago! That is one of the most incredible ideas to me... just imagine how much my world has expanded in such a short time. Don't get me wrong- I have always been interested in traveling, and I have been a lot of places in my life, but there is always somewhere new to explore. Our whole lives could be spent in one small town, or in every continent of the world, and there would always be a new nook to discover.
Anyway, for those of you like me, here is a map so you can place Croatia:
Do you see it? Croatia is the country below Hungary and Austria that looks like it is trying to eat Bosnia and Herzegovina (? another place I have never even heard of until looking at this map). 
Our trip went something like this:
Thursday, 4 July 2013:
Bled, Slovenia
We left Bad Windsheim at 6:00 am with our first destination being the last ESSO station in Germany.  We can get gas for American prices at ESSO gas stations within the borders of Germany, so its always important when driving out of the country, to stop and fill up! It took about three hours to get to that first stopping point, we switched drivers, and made a call to the owner of the apartment we would be staying in for the next few days. After another three hours of driving through Austria, we arrived in Slovenia, and made a stop in Bled for some lunch. When I first heard "Slovenia" my mind automatically thought of some rough, beat-down, cold, dirty Eastern European slum. I don't know why, and I am sorry for being so ignorant of Slovenia, because I couldn't have been more wrong! Look how absolutely wonderful it is!  After lunch, we continued on for about 2 1/2 more hours and found ourselves in Rovinj, Croatia. We grabbed some Kuna (the local currency) and hung out at a small bar/cafe until Maria came and took us to our apartment.
Our first night we stopped in at an Irish Pub, had a few drinks, and got a recommendation for dinner.  After dinner, we explored town a bit and had some super expensive drinks on the rocks right above the sea. We eventually went back to the Irish Pub for some live music and had a great time sitting outside drinking beer and playing "Never Have I Ever." We tried to check out a local club, but absolutely nothing was going on! We went back to the Irish Pub to finish out the night, and then picked up some pizza and a doner. We may, or may not, have gone for a scantily-clad past-midnight swim in the invigorating (a.k.a. COLD) Adriatic before going up to the room and crashing ;)

Friday, 5 July 2013:
I woke Cody up and we went down to the market across from our room to get some breakfast goodies. We discovered a butcher and a fresh-fish market, as well, and were kind of disappointed we had paid so much for seafood the night before- we easily could have cooked an amazing meal in the apartment! After the others went for a jog, we suited up and started walking towards Lone Cove to check out some local beaches. We stopped for lunch on the water along the way. We sunbathed and relaxed on the rocky beaches for a few hours before heading back to the room, stopping for gelato halfway (it was hot out!). After a nap, shower, and change of clothes we went out for dinner at one of Maria's recommended restaurants and then took a taxi to Eden hotel, hoping to catch a performer from the local Jazz-fest. We ended up seeing a dance show instead, but I think everybody was satisfied with the show and after a few drinks we went back to the center of town happy. We had to grab a snack (of course!) of pizza and the local "toast," which is just a smashed ham and cheese panini. We started at the Irish Pub again, but it was quieter than the night before, so we went to Havana for some yummy mixed drinks, and ended our night at Boa, the club that was dead the night before was full of dancing and fun!

Saturday, 6 July 2013:
On our last day, we woke up and slowly got ready to head out into town for the day. We went out for
lunch and ended up discovering my favorite meal of the vacation at Kantinon (beef stew over homemade gnocchi, handrolled pasta with clams and bacon, and octopus soup were some of our meals!) Then, we hiked up to the town's church and were surprised by how ornate and beautiful it is! Sam and I headed down to secure a place on the rocks below the church for sunbathing and Cody and Eric stayed up in the courtyard to have a few drinks. It seemed so natural, yet breathtaking, to be sunbathing on the white rock cliffs along the sea and to be able to jump straight into the Adriatic wherever we pleased-- although we were a little scared at first and went to an area where we could step in, instead :) When we finally reunited with the boys, they were having a drink at a sea-side bar/restaurant, and after another bout of sunbathing and swimming, we went back to the bar and met the nicest American couples who graciously bought us a round of drinks! We finally headed back to the room after getting all the sun we could handle, and after a shower, went out for our last dinner. How funny is it that we chose a "Mexican" restaurant?! Its interesting the places you will go after seeing the same menu so many times over the course of a few days... After our late dinner, we grabbed a seat at a cafe in the town center to watch the outdoor concert and spent hours people watching, sipping drinks, and slipping away to grab treats and snacks. We even ran into the couples from earlier in the day and coerced one of the men to come have a few drinks with us! At the end of the night, we sleepily walked back to the apartment and slept-up for our long drive the next day....

Both drives took us right about 9 hours, but because we split it up into 3 hour sections each time, it didn't feel like very long at all! I would happily head back to Croatia anytime- I loved that Rovinj catered to tourists, but still had its own unique culture and feel. Everybody was super friendly, and 90% of the tourists were European, so it was amazing hearing all the languages and seeing so many different nations coincide! Next time, Cody and I would like to travel farther South to see different cities and check out the sandier beaches available along the southern coast; but I would happily spend another lazy weekend in Rovinj :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's be Honest. Crossfit is Hard.

The mind functions in interesting ways... especially when it is being challenged on a daily basis.

Crossfit is hard.  I know everybody likes to put it down, but I don't think anybody who has tried it could say that it's easy.  The toughest part for me has been mental.  The act of lifting a barbell repeatedly after I hit the point that my body quits, or throwing a wallball up when my legs threaten to stop moving, or doing anything that hurts, is a huge mental feat.  I have never before been so invested in a sport that I wanted to push myself this hard; except for maybe a good day at swim practice when I felt motivated.  I have surprised myself with how passionate I am about Crossfit; it truly is an addiction.

I am slowly learning how to use my mind to my benefit when my body is giving up, and how to shut my brain off and move when my doubts are holding me back.   
Somedays, doing a lift with a heavier weight than the week before is my biggest accomplishment. Other times, what motivates me is when I come into the box and the WOD is glaring at me from the board, silently yelling, "you aren't ready for this yet, not today," but I somehow finish despite my doubt. When I am finally able to complete a movement that I was struggling with, I end up on a high for hours.  Then there are the times that my mind works against me, and I walk to the car knowing that I should be proud of myself for my hard work, but also knowing that I could have done better, if only I had thought positively or pushed harder.
Most of the time, I am uplifted by my mornings at the box, but I have encountered each of the above experiences in this week alone!

This week, I was able to push past my fear of getting stuck in the bottom of a squat, and I lifted more than I thought that I could.  I was able to do it just because I had a partner telling me that it didn't hurt to try and she thought that I could do it.  When I workout in a team, there always seems to be somebody who knows the right thing to say to get me out of my own head, and push me past my boundaries.  I did end up getting stuck in a front squat during my 4th rep at 40 kg.  It didn't kill me. And it felt way better than staying at 35 kg when I was capable of more.
Today, I came into the box feeling completely broken down.  My knee hurt from a botched box jump yesterday, my feet hurt because I need new shoes, my butt and legs hurt from a build-up of the whole week, and my lower back was tight; most likely from forgetting to tighten up my ass and abs.
The WOD just looked evil today- I told Rob that I was psyched out before the warmup even started. He told me that working out when everything hurts is when I will start to make real progress. I believe him, but I still didn't want to go when the timer started. When I completed the WOD, I was proud of myself for doing both rounds of 50 kettlebell swings without stopping; but Rob was right, next time I need to use more weight. I was proud of myself for finishing a workout that I was sure would push me to quitting. But I also felt like crap, because even though I finished, I did quit on myself.  When I was left alone and expected to complete my most dreaded task (run 800m), I gave up.  I didn't want anybody to see my walking, but I should have cared more about me than them; I didn't hurt anybody but myself.  I look back and I think, "I could have kept jogging, what was the worst that would have happened?" But in the moment, all I could think about was my heavy breathing and my aching legs and how much better it would feel to just take a couple slow steps... Today, my mind worked against me and told me that I would be better off taking the easy way out.  Next time, I refuse to let my doubts get the best of me.
On the other hand, I was able to do strict pull-ups this week, all because my sub-concious told me that I could.  I had a dream one night that I was doing pull-ups. They were so easy and I felt so accomplished doing them.  When I finished my WOD the next day, I figured I might as well try to do one, like I had been trying for a couple weeks.  First I did a chin-up.  I knew I could do those, but it felt easier than usual. Then, as I thought about how easy the pull-ups were in my dream the night before, I was able to do one! Then I did three more!  I felt great, but I wasn't too surprised, because deep down I knew that I could.

Tomorrow is my two month anniversary of joining Crossfit Ansbach, and I love it more today (hurting body and all) than I did when I wrote my first post about it.
In honor of two months, I'm going to write down what weights I have been working with so far, and hopefully in two more months, all of these numbers will have been crushed!

  • I am now working with a 6 kg (13.2 lb) wallball. Somedays I can get it higher than others, but I don't want to go back down to 4 kg (8.8 lb).
  • Front Squat- I don't know my one-rep-max, but I know I did four reps at 40 kg (88 lb).
  • Back Squat- 42.5 kg (93.7 lb)
  • Hang Power Clean- I don't know my one-rep-max, but I did 45 reps at 25 kg (55 lb) during our Hero WOD.
  • Reverse Bench Press- 5-rep-max = 32.5 kg (71.7 lb)
  • Deadlift- 63.5 kg (140 lb)?? I'm not sure if I recorded that correctly, but I know I have done 60 kg (132.2 lb) 
  • Squat Cleans- during a 1-7 ladder, I did 1-4 (10 reps) at 30 kg (66 lb)
  • Shoulder Press- 27.5 kg (60.6 lb)
  • Thruster- 30kg (66 lb)
Some of these maxes are from a month ago, so I may have already progressed, but as of now, these are what I know :) These are what I have to beat! Thank you to Rob, the other trainers, and all the members of Crossfit Ansbach who have helped me so much and who I genuinely look forward to seeing every day!