Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not So Negative Nancy

I don't have too much to update you on today, although I do want to follow up on my previous post...

     Primarily the fact that the "low" from last week's post only lingered for a day. Thanks to my awesome community and my amazing coach, I had the opportunity to stop feeling mopey and start feeling strong again lickity split!
    After tons of encouragement from several people, including serious understanding from several of my Crossfit ladies, I came in to my Wednesday WOD ready to compete against myself- not in time, but in the stength and quality of my performance.

I'm not sure if Rob had read my previous post or not, but either way, he did just what I needed him to do in order to help me feel strong again. I could leave it at that, but you all know I just can't, so here comes story-time:
One part of our three-part workout was 21 kettlebell swings at 3/4 bodyweight. Thinking about this throughout the day, I put together that I would have to swing about 42kg in order to do the workout as prescribed; and considering we were supposed to use two kettlebells if necessary to total the correct weight, I would have to use two 20kg kettlebells for this workout. I've never used anything heavier than two 12's.
When the time came to pick out our kettlebells, Rob told me to grab a 32 kg kettlebell. For those of you who don't want to calculate in your noggin, that is 70.5 lbs. To swing between my legs and up into the air. Twenty-one times. For three rounds. Also, this was the same kettlebell that my stronger, heavier, and faster husband was grabbing.
I waited a second to see if he was joking, and he didn't seem to be, so I went to pick one up. I could barely lift it.
I turned back around to get his attention; "Hey Rob, really?"
He smirked, "Yes really."
"You aren't messing with me?"
"No. Use a 32."
So I wobbled out onto the floor with my 32, convinced that if I could barely carry it, there was no way I could swing it. But the disappointment of failing to push myself was still in my mind, and I was determined to at least try. Rob told me not to worry about the height of the swing; if I could only get it to my waist it was fine (as long as my form was okay and I wasn't hurting myself, of course).
I bent down, wrapped my palm and fingers around the handle, loaded my hamstrings, pivoted the kettlebell, and pulled back with all my might-  and I swung that beast!
Granted, throughout the workout there was a lot of advice given that wasn't heeded because once that monster was moving through the air there wasn't much adjustment I could make. If it was moving, my butt was tight, my back wasn't hurting, I was breathing, and I wasn't falling over, life was good!

I ended that night feeling wonderful- just as I usually do when I go to Crossfit Ansbach and work out with my friends. As the icing on the cake, Rob threw a few more compliments my way before I left, (making me think that he probably did read my blog and wanted to give me a pick-me-up); but, although his words were definitely appreciated, he had already done the perfect job of ridding me from my negativity, just by being the kind of coach that he is (one who knows what you are capable of even when you don't, and pushes you to be better).

Basically, If any of you are still wondering why I care so much about this crazy "cult" of fitness...

If you take away the people and the bonds, the muscles and endorphins, the other addicting and wonderful aspects of this "trend" ...  you will see that empowerment is the answer.

In a world filled to the brim with the promotion of self-doubt, to continuously learn the never-ending capacity of my mind, my body, and MYSELF is a priceless treasure.

 These are gifts which absolutely deserve appreciation and love.

Thanks again and again Crossfit Ansbach! See you tonight!

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