Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Weeks Down....

I'm going to go ahead and lay out lists of what we did the first week of being here and then I will fill in all the most interesting details from there. If you have any questions about how any of the processes went, please ask!

Day 2 (Wednesday, April 24)
*Had our first German breakfast at our guesthouse (fresh rolls and muffin from the bakery, cheese and meat slices, preserves, coffee, and even some eggs)
*Went to housing, had to wait to figure out priority on choosing our house
*Went to T-Mobile and got our first phone
*Set up our post office box
*Set up a new bank account
*Checked out Cody's new office in the hangar
*Had lunch in Bad Windsheim (mmm currywurst and potato salad)
*Picked out our apartment in Bad Windsheim
*Chris and Cody went to do Crossfit in Ansbach and Tiffany and I had dinner
*Went to the grocery store and met our new neighbors, Chad and Bri

Day 3 (Thursday, April 25)
*Went to Katterbach (the base in Ansbach) to continue in-processing
*Went to the PX and had lunch
*Tiffany took us to housing, the commissary, TKS (for internet and a house phone), and the library
*Back at Tiff and Chris's house we used the internet, made phone calls, and set up the delivery of our unaccompanied baggage (the first set of items we sent over- some clothes, sheets, air mattress, pots and pans), then had dinner
*Went to our apartment and were invited over to Chad and Bri's for drinks and met an upstairs neighbor, Shannon
*Studied for our driver's test
Day 4 (Friday, April 26)
*Went to our driver class and took our tests (we both scored a 95%)
*Fixed the phone, had lunch, went to the commissary, library, and ACS for VAT forms (more on these later)
*Tiff brought us back to our apartment for our inspection
*Naptime and walk-time with Shannon and the pups
*Went to the Hail and Farewell for our battalion for Cody to get hailed in

Day 5 (Saturday, April 27)
*Olsen (Cody's friend from flight school) drove us to Katterbach/Ansbach so we could go to the PX, Pilipps (furniture store), and OB (hardware store)
*We painted our apartment!
*Out to eat in Bad Windsheim (delicious Thai food)
*Had a beer with Olsen and Chad

Day 6 (Sunday, April 28)
*laaaaaazy day...
*Walk to Bad Windsheim for late lunch
*Walk around the center of Bad Windheim, found the church, bakeries, and butcher shops
*Walked back home for a nap, shower, and over to Bri and Chad's to relax

Day 7 (Monday, April 29)
*Relaxed at the house and researched German phrases and made a grocery list for the week
*When Cody got home from picking up the car (yay!) we got ready for my birthday dinner!!! Our neighbors were kind enough to set up a dinner for me at Franco's, an Italian restaurant in town
*Enjoyed dinner with Bri, Chad, Shannon, Rocky, Megan, Josh, and Rob at the restaurant and drinks at Shannon and Rocky's afterwards

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