Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How I Got to Be a Week Away From Moving to Illesheim, Germany.... (a.k.a. THE PROLOGUE)

Lets start at the beginning. Not at the very beginning where two people met, fell in love, and decided to have a second baby twelve years later (that's me). All of those other beginnings will come later, in a book, which is yet to be written. What you may be curious to know is, Why is Ali moving to a town in Germany with an even smaller population than her minuscule college town? For your sake, and the sake of my very tired body, which is fighting off a cold right now, we will keep the story down to a few facts.

This past September, I married a wonderful man who happens to be a helicopter pilot in the United States ARMY. We started our life together by living on the first base I had ever seen; Fort Rucker. I can tell you that I never expected to live in Alabama, or to be married before turning twenty-five, but everything seems to have turned out the way it was meant. To this point, not long after our wedding, we received the incredible news that our first duty station would be in Germany. Lucky for us, moving out of the country was our first choice, and a dream of mine that I wasn't sure I would be able to realize so soon. So here we are, eight months from the day we slipped on our wedding rings, and six days from moving ourselves (and our three pets) to a different continent. We are about to embark upon what will most definitely be one of the most interesting adventures of our lives!

As I said, I am currently encouraging my body to beat off an impending sickness with Emergen-C, orange juice, and soothing tea, so it is time for me to give this crud the one-two count with a good nights sleep. The fact I am exhausted and under-the-weather is actually good for you because I managed to keep my answer to your question concise; I do not promise you that I will always excel in this practice. I do generally love to paint the whole picture when telling stories; including exact dialogue and what I believe is a necessary amount of detail. If you stick around for the adventure, you will see an example soon enough.

Goodnight and take care, friends. Maybe drink some orange juice for good measure. Who knows if this ick-feeling is going around....

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